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ScoliBrace® for Adults

Specializing in the treatment and stabilization of scoliosis in adults of all ages using the ScoliBrace. 

Improved Quality of Life

Reduced Pain

Easy to Wear

Improved Quality of Life

Reduced Pain

Easy to Wear

Stabilize Your Curves to Reduce Pain

Adult scoliosis is either a continuation of adolescent scoliosis into adulthood or degenerative in nature. Scoliosis curves can progress slowly after skeletal maturity and there is a tendency for rapid progress around the menopausal years in some female patients. The size of the curves should be monitored routinely throughout adulthood so that the stability of the curves can be assessed. If there are signs that the scoliosis is progressing, bracing with the ScoliBrace may be necessary to stabilize the curve. 

Chronic Low Back Pain Could Be Scoliosis

Degenerative curves are a result of arthritic changes to the spine and are almost always progressive. The primary complaint of adult scoliosis is low back pain. Approximately 40 percent of adults between the age of 50 and 80 with chronic low back pain will have scoliosis. The severity of pain due to scoliosis is determined by the location of the curve and the postural balance. Curves located in the lumbar spine or “S” shaped spinal curves cause low back pain. Postures where the patient leans forward or is shifted to the side are more likely to cause low back pain compared to patients who have better postural balance.

Rear view of female patient wearing the ScoliBrace over and under clothes.

ScoliBrace as a Treatment for Scoliosis in Adults

Treatment for adult scoliosis using the ScoliBrace is designed to reduce pain and stop curve progression if necessary. Slowing or stopping curve progression is essential to reduce additional complications and the risk of more pain and disability. The ScoliBrace can help adults with scoliosis live more independently and with less pain.  

Compared to other soft style braces on the market, ScoliBrace:

  • Requires less maintenance 
  • Costs less to repair, if needed
  • Is easier to put on and take off, making it simpler to incorporate into your daily life.

The ScoliBrace can be used alone, or in combination with specific spinal stretching and exercises such as CBP chiropractic care

Success Stories

Before Treatment

X-ray of thoracic scoliosis.

Wearing the ScoliBrace

Patient wearing the ScoliBrace.

After Treatment

X-ray of thoracic spine after treatment with the ScoliBrace.

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